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DIY Rustic Farm Menu

Customizing your paper goods for your special day should not stop at your invitations. Custom, DIY menus are are great way to integrate your wedding color, theme and style into the event. Menus are the canvas for which food options can be displayed for your guests, and most likely, your guests are largely looking forward to eating on your special day.  To insure that your menu is lovely enough to cater to both function and style, consider this easy menu stamp DIY.  

Materials you will need: 

– A custom menu stamp (which you can order from us here at Suite Paperie – starting at just $100)
– An oversized manilla tag 
– Ink pad for the stamp
– A custom wax seal (optional – we make these, too. Just reach out and we’ll give you a quote!)
– Ribbon
– A narrow strip of lace 

How to make:

1.  Once you have decided what is going to be served at your celebration, contact Suite Paperie to create and order a customized menu stamp just for you.

2.  Ink up your stamp, and press evenly the onto manilla tag, leaving some room at the top for your ribbon and seal.

3.  Let the ink dry!

4.  Wrap your narrow piece of lace around the menu, just above the food selection.  Attach the lace on the back with double sided tape, or hot glue.

5. Attach your ribbon through the top hole of the manilla tag any way you like. we folded ours in half, slipped it through the hole from the front and then pulled the ends through to create a knot

6.  Attach your wax seal between the top knot and piece of lace.

Simple as that.  Enjoy!

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