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The Ultimate Send-Off

Hi all!  My name is Lisa, and I am interning for Suite Paperie this summer.  I am so excited to have the opportunity to contribute to this blog, to in some way,help you with your planning, decorating, general summer living, etc.  So, every little thing you all learn, I will be learning as well!  Where shall we begin?  

One of the first things we wanted to incorporate into the blog this summer were “do it yourself” inspired posts.  Even though I am light years away from planning a wedding, DIY trends are always on my radar.  And yes, I have pinned quite a few of them (hundreds, perhaps?).  With so many DIYs trending online, we here at Suite Paperie were inspired to create our own, and launch our DIY a Week.  And may I say, we have some pretty “suite” (shameless pun) ideas.  

To kick off this series, we decided to start with a “wedding program sparkler”.  This is an easy way to spice up an ordinary wedding program, and a perfect time to kick off your Fourth of July celebrations.  

1. sparklers
2. strike all matches
3. xacto knife
4.long rectangular program 
How To Make It:

Step 1: When including the text on your program, make sure to leave at least ¼ inch blank on the right side of the page.  This empty space is where you will place your sparkler and match!

Step 2: Create 2 small slits towards the bottom of the program with an exacto knife, and slide in the sparkler.

Step 3: Make another 2 slits aside the sparkler, and slide in a “strike all match”.  

Guests can remove the sparkler from the program and light it at the end of your ceremony, giving you and your new hubby the ultimate send-off.

Disclaimer: Sorry brides from New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Massachusetts, this DIY is illegal in your area, so please don’t try this DIY *wink. 

Photo of couple with sparklers courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes 

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