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Valentine’s Day Stamp Giveaway

Love is definitely in the air, and here at Suite Paperie we have decided to spread a little love of our own with a free gift giveaway. In honor of the upcoming holiday, we have designed two custom Valentine’s Day Stamps for you guys. A classic kisses and hugs “XO” and an “ILYSFM” (I love you so f**king much) stamp. They are simple, sweet, and pretty awesome …and they can be used for all sorts of v-day goodies. Stamp them on card stock for a little note, make them into gift tags, or stamp them in a repeating pattern to make your own custom wrapping paper.

To enter, all you have to do is tell us who you love so f**king much and why! Pretty easy right?

So tell us by:

  1. Commenting on our facebook post
  2. Commenting on this blog post
  3. Tweeting it @Suitepaperie
  4. Or do all three and increase your chances to win!

We’ll choose a winner on Friday, February 8th and we’ll ship the stamps out so that you can get right to your v-day crafting.

Happy Valentine’s Day! We love you all so F**KING much!


9 Comments to Valentine’s Day Stamp Giveaway

  1. Lindsay

    I love my boss so fucking much cuz she rocks!

  2. I love my pumpkin (Keithy) and my biz partners (Liz & Adette) SFM! Great giveaway, lady. XO
    Mind if we share on our blog?

    – erica @ tinseltwine . com

  3. Caitlin

    I love my fiance SFM that i’m going to marry him in May, and all my friends that I’m going to send v-day mail to – because I love mail SFM!!!

  4. i love my hunsband SFM! ha, and i also love this giveaway! xo

  5. Well, I’m sure everyone is going to say they love you SFM. But it’s true. I do! I love all my girlfriends, cause well, boys suck. Except Ian.

  6. Nicole

    I love roxy my dog SFM

  7. Lori

    I love my amazing family SFM. My parents are lovely, and my husband is my whole world! I even love his parents!

  8. I love Christopher and Charlie SFM!!

  9. Seema

    I love my babyy bcoz he hugs. kisses and gives me lots of piggy kisses.

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