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Apple Place Card DIY

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s a quick and easy DIY for your Fall or Holiday table…enjoy and see you next week!


DIY Instructions:

1. Find your apples: Make sure that they stand upright on their own…you don’t want them falling over on the table.

2. Print out your own leaf tags if you’re crafty on the computer, or just use construction paper to cut out leaf shapes. Use a white paint pen to write the names.

3. Using the floral pin, poke a hole through the base of the leaf (about .25″ in from the edge) then stick the pin into the top of the apple!

4. Place your apples on your plates and you’ve got snazzy place cards, plus you send your guests home with a healthy late-night snack!

*make sure to tell your guests about the pin

Top photo by Ellen McDermott


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